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Pre-Roll Packs

Leal Pre-Roll Packs are designed as a ‘grab and go’ without sacrificing quality — making it simple for you to bring organic pre-rolls with you wherever you go, whenever you need it, and for whoever you’re with.

Our Pre-Roll Packs provide you with the on-demand convenience of pre-rolled, premium cannabis crafted from our top-tested flower.

Vape Cartridges

Made from processed Certified Kind© approved flower, Leal’s Vape Cartridges provide a unique smoking experience that is both smooth and memorable.

From cultivation to extraction (and everything in between), our cannabis oil is of the highest quality and standards. The result translates into a tasty, smooth-burning extract that we hope you love smoking as much as we do!


Leal Concentrates come to life by processing fresh-frozen cannabis — allowing the preservation of terpenes for a full spectrum experience.

Our concentrate line includes Live Resin, Crumble, Badder, Diamonds, Shatter, and more.

About Us

Leal was established with the goal of delivering high-quality cannabis to the people. With the name itself meaning “loyalty and honesty,” our team consistently works to provide just that — an honest product from our farm that is always of the best quality from start to finish.

Rather than simply stating that our cannabis is of the highest quality — we took the steps to ensure our farms are Certified Kind©. This certification ensures our cultivation methods are of the highest caliber and that our products match those standards.

We are proud to provide premium cannabis, grown using these Certified Kind© cultivation methods, to the people of Michigan and New York — honest products everyone can feel confident in consuming.

Sapphire Farms

Leal is the flagship brand under the Sapphire Farms family of brands.

Our 60-acre cannabis farm cultivates cannabis for both Leal and Sapphire Farms in Southwest Michigan. However, only the best of our cannabis flower is used in the production of Leal’s products. Also known as our “Select Cuts,” the flower used in Leal’s products are the highest testing percentages of both THC and Terpenes from an entire farm’s worth of flower.

Sapphire Farms is a Certified Kind© farm, meaning that all of the cannabis grown here (and included in our Leal products) are grown with strict cultivation methods. Rather than using fertilizer, harmful pesticides, non-organic growing methods, etc. — the cannabis plants at Sapphire Farms are grown in pots filled with living soil and are maintained with organic cultivation practices.

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Pre-Roll Packs

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